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Galaxy S2 Apps provides you the best Samsung galaxy s2 android applications on the web.

The 5 best free galaxy s2 widgets

By on January 9, 2012

Data Counter Widget

We all know how frustrating it can be to run over on our phone bills by using too much data! Data Counter is here to help with a stunning widget that shows you your monthly data usage. Download Data Counter Widget.


Last Call Widget

Do you find yourself commonly calling the same person time and time again? Last Call Widget provides a lovely 4×1 widget to display your latest call (inbound or outbound) so you can easily swipe and call them back. Download Last Call Widget.


Battery Life Widget

It’s really hard to determine how much battery you actually have left on your galaxy s2 by trying to judge that little icon on the notification bar. Battery Life Widget lets you customise your own widget and then display it on your home screen as a percentage. Download Battery Life Widget.


Retro Clock Widget.

If you’re the kind of person that likes the retro geekier things in life then Retro Clock Widget is perfect for you. Set up and customise your own clock (size, colour, font, display etc…) so you can bring retro to your galaxy s2. Download Retro Clock Widget.


Clarus Widgets. 

Clarus widgets is the widget centre for your galaxy s2. You can select from a huge range of widgets (WiFi strength, signal strength etc…) and customise them to suit your current theme. Download Clarus Widgets.

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