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The 10 best free android apps of 2011

By on December 11, 2011

Words With Friends

Words-With-FriendsThe most downloaded game of the year from Zynga developers surely has to be here! With over 10 million downloads words with friends is a highly addictive muti-player crossword game. Download Words with friends.






DefenderEverybody loves a good castle defence game! With over 1 million downloads there’s a reason why Defender is so popular! You must defend your castle and face waves of increasingly stronger monsters as they try to destroy your castle. Download Defender.





LayarDiscover lots of new information about what’s around you, just point your phone in any direction and layar will show you an augmented reality view of the world around you. Download Layar.





Dolphin Browser

Dolphin BrowserGetting tired of the traditional android browser? Dolphin Browser is the most powerful android browser on the market. Dolphin Browser provides you with the fastest browsing exerpeince on your android phone. Download Dolphin Browser.




Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds RioDoes any Angry Birds game require an introduction? With over 10 million downloads and one of the best series of games for your android device. All of the Angry birds have been captured and taken to Rio, can you save them? Download Angry Birds Rio.





QuickPicQuickly view all your pictures on your android device using QuickPic. QuickPic is a faster alternative to the standard android picture browser. With faster picture rendering times and faster gallery browsing QuickPic is a better alternative to the standard android browser. Download QuickPic.




Smartr Contacts

Smartr ContactsDo you have lots of on-line profiles such as twitter, facebook and linkedin? Are lots of your contacts saved to your email account? Smartr contacts consolidates all of your on-line and off-line profiles into one app to make your perfect contact list. Download smartr contacts.




MasterCard ATM Hunter

MasterCard ATM HunterThe MasterCard ATM Hunter is pretty self explanatory, find the closest ATM machine to you. This app is perfect if you’re in a new area and don’t know where you are! Download MasterCard ATM Hunter.





K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is the best email client available for android phones. With over 1 million downloads K-9 mail is being recognised as a faster alternative to the standard android email app. Download K-9 Mail.





Convert Pad

ConvertPadConvert Pad is the universal app for converting between different units, measurements, currencies and much more. Convert Pad is the only unit convert you will ever need to have on your android device. Download Convert Pad.

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