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Military Rifle Scopes – A Review Of The Best Military Rifle Scopes

Military rifle scopes came into being have become before the American Civil War, but have since the early 1990s have been a standard feature in today’s combat infantry weapons, and are in use throughout the world to help soldiers spot their targets with much greater ease and accuracy.

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Not only military, but these scopes have been used by law enforcement agencies, hunters, and sports shooters, as the precision and reliability of todays, military rifle scopes have been raised to an entirely new level.

Military Rifle Scopes

Today’s military rifles scopes are instruments of high precision and durability, much more so than any that have come before. The scopes put out by several top manufacturers are waterproof, lightweight, and have an incredible array of optical features that out the older riflescopes to shame. Computer technology has made the riflescopes practical for almost anyone who would have a use for them. They will stand up to a great deal of abuse, all the while delivering a clean and accurate target acquisition each time.

Here we’ll look at three of the top military rifle scopes on the market today, by three of the major manufacturers, Leupold, ATN, and Trijicon. Each of these has their own distinct features, and all are outstanding scopes. Check them out and compare your needs to their features!

ATN Mars4x-CGT Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

This is the most recent in the ATN line up featuring only the purest grades of heavy glass and computer-aided optical designs to create lenses that exceed current military standards. All optical lenses on the MARS scopes are individually fitted and calibrated to achieve the highest possible performance. The highest quality MX10160 type hand-selected image-intensifier tubes to optimize functionality in all lighting conditions, ensuring superb performance, outstanding clarity, and combat reliability. Compact, lightweight and rugged one-piece construction in CNC milled from solid aerospace-quality aluminum billet and fitted with titanium inserts. Proprietary feature – Two Color Manual Brightness of aiming reticle. This feature allows for a choice of color (red or amber) of the projected reticle depending on operator preference and tactical situation.

ATN manufactures and distributes the widest array of Night Vision weapon sights in the world, and manufacture for the US military, law enforcement, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10×40mm LR/T M3 Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope

Long a world leader in riflescope optics, Leupold rifle scopes are as tough as nails and are perfect for quick shooting, and it’s at home on tactical rifles, competition guns, or hunting shotguns alike. The Leupold Mark IV combines the strengths of a red dot at close range, with the versatility of a variable power riflescope, and has proven itself in competition, on the streets, and in battle. It is incredibly tough, 100 percent waterproof in all conditions, and devastatingly accurate.

Trijicon ACOG 4x 32mm ECOS Riflescope

The Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Enhanced Combat Optical Sight (ECOS) TA01-ECOS is a new model riflescope that was designed for the Special Operations forces of the US military. Although designed primarily for Special OP forces of the military, these Trijicon Riflescopes are available for civilians and law enforcement. The Trijicon ACOG TA01 ECOS Scope features Trijicon’s advanced tritium technology with back-up iron sights as specified by the U.S. Special Operation Command. Trijicon ACOG Scopes TA01ECOS also feature the new Dark Earth Brown color now required by special operations forces, a definite factor in concealment, directly contributing to the safety of the operator who is often in harm’s way.

Trijicon’s battle-tested reticle technology is proven, in mission after mission, to hold zero under the most demanding of combat situations, gaining the faith and trust of America’s elite Special Forces units worldwide. You also check best Leupold scopes 2019 because this brand is also good. The Trijicon ACOG ECOS Gun Sight is totally battery-free, with an amber reticle, and will not have to worry about having the optical sight fail due to battery failure.

The Trijicon ACOG Scope is also waterproof (tested to 328 Ft / 100 Meters, five times the military’s required depth) and nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging. The TA31-ECOS uses Trijicon’s patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology with a reticle that glows red continually in bright light, low light or no light at all.

Trijicon makes some of the best and most reliable military rifle scopes in the world. See if one of them is right for you!

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