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Galaxy S2 Apps provides you the best Samsung galaxy s2 android applications on the web.

Free Galaxy S2 Games

By on February 1, 2012

Dragon, Fly!

Dragon Fly

Slide and fly along the beautiful 2D scenery as fast as you can! Fly through the realms of the hills to get as far away as possible from the mother dragon. Touch the screen to build speed and release to fly. Download Dragon Fly.


Traffic Rush

Traffic RushCan you control the cars during rush hour at a busy junction? Swipe a vehicle to accelerate and avoid them crashing into each other! Tap on a vehicle to perform an emergency stop. Download Traffic Rush.


Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman GolfTest your golfing skills with this amazing android game! Super Stickman Golf is a thrilling combination of sports and puzzle. Aim your stroke and set the power by tapping the on-screen controls, can you get a whole in one? Download Super Stickman Golf.


Ninja Dash

Ninja DashAre you the best Ninja? Ninja Dash is a fast paced action game where you must jump, roll, and duck oncoming objects to see how far you can get. Tackle the different stages to become the best Ninja. Download Ninja Dash.


Zombie Dash

Zombie DashThe hugely anticipated sequel of zombie city has arrived. Zombie Dash combines stunning graphics with brilliant game-play to make it one of the best games you can currently get for your phone. Fight for your village and defeat to oncoming waves of zombies. Download Zombie Dash.

Popularity: 9% [?]

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